Property management companies have a lot to worry about. Each rental property requires you to think about maintaining every part of the unit, from the windows and floor, to plumbing and electrical systems, and numerous other things- like tenants. Whether you are a landlord, property manager or property management company a lot of your time is spent dealing with appliances, installations and repair work.

If your company manages properties, then we can offer appliance repair services for your tenants.

Just as you bring your own brand of service to property management, we bring a different energy to our approach our partnership with property managers.

Our objective is to build relationships with professionals like you so that you can depend on us to contact tenants in a timely manner, follow through on our commitments, and work as an extension of your team.

We remove headaches, and solve problems, not add to them. 



Benefits of being a preferred partner with us:

  • Discounted Service and Labor Charges
  • Discounted parts
  •  Free technical assistance for your maintenance team
  • Priority appointment slots 
  • emergency after hours services
  • .Access to our parts distributor to order parts directly. 



  •  10 or more properties
  • Minimum of 1 service call per month 
  • Net 30 upon completion of services
  • Direct point of contact for scheduling and billing